Crisp winds, dry air and moody mornings: they do a number on you. Here’s how to fight back with maximum handsomeness.

1. Dial-up your moisture

Every man over the age of 21 should be using a moisturiser daily, period. It keeps skin looking fresher, younger and healthier. When the cold sets in, though, you want to double-down: wind chill and dry air pack a serious punch. Look for concentrated serums, or night creams to fight back against wind chill.

TRY: L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Power 48hr Moisturiser

WHY: Lather this on to beat that patented cold morning, post-shave skin tightness.

2. Don’t neglect the SPF

UV rays don’t take a break for winter. Neither should you. Slather on a little sun protection every day. (Better yet, look for a moisturiser that has a little SPF.)

3. Fight your long shower addiction

We hear you: cold mornings make long, hot showers a tempting proposition. Unfortunately, the last thing dry, worn-out skin needs is prolonged hot water exposure – it’ll strip the protective oils off your mug. Keep the showers under 10 minutes.

4. The best kept showering secret

A blast of cold water, right at the end of your shower, will close up the pores in your face and keep more natural oils in your hair. Result? A better-looking mug, every time. Easy.

5. Suck it up

Lips can get dry in winter – and chap-dry isn’t a good look. Lips are the thinnest layer of skin you’ve got, and need to be protected as such. Discreetly pocket some lip balm and apply liberally.

6. The three-step guide to growing a winter beard

a) Stop shaving.

b) Keep your edges clean – everything above your cheeks and below your Adam’s apple needs to go. (Any more than that, and you’ll risk looking like George Michael.)

c) Take a trimmer to it every 3 days – the perfect way to counter a bushy, scraggly look.

TRY: L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic 3 Day Beard

WHY: Winter beards and stubble have a habit of looking great, but feeling average. This lightweight moisturiser will soften even the itchiest, prickliest facial hair.

7. The three-step guide to not growing a winter beard

a) Exfoliate three times a week – you need to clear the gunk off your face before you hack it up.

b) Shave with a sharp blade.

c) Replace the moisture you lose from shaving with a thick, protective moisturiser.

TRY: L’Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Scrub

WHY: Truth: what you do to prepare for your shave is as crucial as the shave itself. This scrub – packed with non-irritating micro-beads – will give you the smooth, clean canvas you need to get it right.

8. Change-up your scents

Don’t neglect one of the most intimate senses. While summer is the go-to time for fresh, citrus-toned fragrances, the moody months call for something a little more grounded. Opt for deeper, woodier scents after April.

9. Tackle dark circles

Zombie-inspired circles under your eyes are an easy way to look older, more tired and vaguely impotent. Of course, moisture is the way to go – but don’t go using whatever you’ve been slopping on your face. Your eyes need something a little gentler. A roll-on moisturiser is the way to go and, happily, every brand from supermarket to department store has ‘em.

TRY: L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Roll-On

WHY: Ever yearned to look pulled-together after a late night of work and/or extracurricular activities? It starts with the eyes. This roll-on is infused with vitamin c and caffeine – an apt way to jump-start your grooming routine.