Formal Wedding


A formal dress code calls for a timeless tux.

Far and away the most formal mode of dress for men, the men’s black tie outfit is an outstanding way to distinguish yourself at any formal event. Though rigid in its style, there can also be something remarkably freeing about having a simple and specific dress code outlined for event attendees. There’s no ambiguity or need to make your outfit a unique statement; the tuxedo will speak for itself, no matter the occasion.

Wedding suits for the groom
Traditionally, a men’s black tie outfit consists of the following elements: Tuxedo jacket, Matching black pants, Tuxedo shirt, Bow Tie and Tuxedo shoes

A tuxedo, for men, is also a long-term investment. Able to be worn at multiple events with little to no modification, a tuxedo should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It’s more economical than simply renting one every time you require it and it also means that you’ll never be stuck without one.

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