Dress for the occasion with our Wedding edit.

For more than a century, Van Heusen has exemplified the ethos of “clothes maketh the man”. And there are few days in a man’s life that exemplify this more than his wedding day. So it makes sense that not only would you want to invest in wedding suits but that you’d also want to invest in the best. That’s where Van Heusen comes into the picture.

Wedding suits for the groom
When you’re shopping for wedding suits for men, it makes sense that you’d want to start with the most important man for the day. It’s also likely to be the most formal of the suits at the occasion too, alongside his groomsmen. Black tie weddings are still common and black suits remain the norm even if you’re not opting for the full tuxedo. However, if you’re opting for something more casual, colourful mismatched jackets and neutral pants are becoming an increasingly popular option. But whichever option you decide on, you can be sure that you’ll make a big splash on your big day — wedding dress and suit alongside one another or matching wedding suits..

A wedding guest suit
Guests aren’t usually bound by such a strict dress code as the groom and accordingly guests can opt for a broader range of wedding suits. Anything from smart casual sports jackets to tuxedos tends to be fine for guests, though it’s always a great idea to check the invite ahead of time.

Buy wedding suits for men at Van Heusen
Discover the full wedding suit collection today at Van Heusen. We’ve got all of the looks you need for the next big day, whether you’re attending as a guest, groomsman or the man of the hour himself. In addition to the suit itself, we’ve also got all the other trappings and accessories that you’ll require. We also have a great selection of suits for all occasions, so you can always be dressed appropriately, no matter the event.

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