Slim Fit


Men’s business shirts to suit any style.

Van Heusen has been creating inspired men’s clothing for more than 130 years. We’ve grown exponentially from our humble beginnings and have moved into the global market. But the only way to stay ahead of the curve in today’s fast-paced world of style is to ensure you never grow complacent.

Our line of men’s slim fit shirts reflects that. Effortlessly sleek and modern, our range of men’s slim fit shirts work for almost any occasion. If you’re looking to buy men’s shirts online, then you’ve come to the right place.

A modern man’s style staple
Gone are the days of oversized, boxy jackets, shirts with billowing sleeves and loose pants that bunched around the ankles. DiCaprio may have made this look cool in The Wolf of Wall Street, but thankfully ‘90s suits aren’t about to make a comeback any time soon. Today, the latest trends focus on neat lines that naturally contour to the body’s shape instead of hiding it beneath excess fabric.

Enter the slim fit shirt: neat, sleek and modern.

You’ll be ready for any occasion with Van Heusen’s slim fit shirts. This style is more tapered than a regular cut, giving you a neat silhouette. You can match your slim fit shirt with jeans, dress pants, work trousers or a pair of chino shorts. Of course, a slim fit suit will look best with a slim fit shirt. But a slim fit shirt isn’t exclusive to suits — that’s why you should make it your new wardrobe staple.

Shop online for men’s slim fit shirts in Australia
Van Heusen offers a range of men’s slim fit shirts online in different colours and patterns. Opt for a slim fit business shirt with a solid colour that you can wear to work; or be bold and try a bright, colourful design that will turn heads. Shop online with Van Heusen today and find a men’s slim fit shirt that works for you.