Sure, we’re big believers in a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-things-done attitude. But sometimes, designing your workspace for success can be the difference between work that’s average and work that hits it out of the park.

While you absolutely should tailor your space to your taste and character, there are a few evergreen rules every man ought to embrace.

1. The Ergonomics

Really, to work is to wage war: on your competition, on your goals, on yourself. And if you’re going to wage war, you need to make sure you’re comfortable. Get your screen to eye level. Stretch every few hours. Invest in a top-notch ergonomic chair – it’s a worthwhile (and tax-deductible) exercise. Sure, you don’t need to dole out $1000+ for a Herman Miller Aeron, but their more affordable Sayl model? Worthy.

2. The Green

Plants are the easiest way to give your desk a little lift. The rule? Keep ‘em green, keep ‘em minimalist, keep ‘em masculine. Fiddle leaf figs are still the plant du jour and tick every box. If you’re on the lazier (or busier) side, there’s no shame in investing in a high-end fake – just don’t forget to dust.

3. The Light

Work as close to natural light as possible – sun exposure has innumerable benefits to your health and productivity. Simply put, more natural light during the day means you’ll sleep better and focus harder, for longer.

4. The Walls

Bare white walls are for institutions. Give yours some carefully calculated life with a frame wall – invest in 4-6 small frames and arrange them together for an easy workspace upgrade.

5. The Emergency Shirt

While not all of Don Draper’s habits are advisable, there’s one thing the Mad Men icon got undeniably right: the in-office backup shirt. Keep a crisp (ironed) white shirt on hand for unforeseen circumstances – whether that’s a last-minute presentation, or Wednesday date night.

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