Van Heusen is proud to introduce BLACK LABEL, a premium range of tailored wear for those that value tradition, craftsmanship and luxury.

They say the devil is in the details and when it comes to exquisitely crafted suits, no truer words have ever been spoken. How do we know? Well, we’ve been making suits and business shirts for quite some time now.

Van Heusen has been at the centre of tailoring, helping men look and feel their best for well over a century, continuing to be at the forefront of evolution Van Heusen are proud to introduce the new Van Heusen BLACK LABEL collection.


This line of elevated Australian wool suiting, tailored cotton shirts, and fine silk and wool ties caters to men who like the finer things in life, they appreciate a timeless aesthetic and want to feel sophisticated and stylish in any environment. From the soft cotton fibres and luxurious Australian wool fabrics to the skilful stitching, well-appointed buttonholes and modern cuts, these elevated pieces will hold higher status in your wardrobe.

Each individual component was designed with a high-end aesthetic in mind. Be it a well-shaped shoulder, a peak-perfect lapel or a business shirt with a yoke that splits just so, the Van Heusen BLACK LABEL collection will take you effortlessly from business lunch to wedding nuptials and everywhere in between.

Fabricated from the best quality fabrics using super 100’s yarns, the range insulates, breaths and moves with you, built to withstand the rigours and challenges of daily life in contemporary designs.

The Van Heusen BLACK LABEL collection is exclusively available at top Myer stores and online at