Set the agenda with style and sophistication.

The office dress code has gone through a shake up as professional dress standards continue to shift. But if anything can stop us from starting a work day by pulling on a pair of trackie dacks, it's eighteen months of Zoom purgatory.

As workplaces, cities and countries look to open up once more, generations of go-getters are preparing to get back to daily commutes and face-to-face meetings with a fresh head and a more functional wardrobe. In 2022, versatility will be your friend, as smart and stylish staples help to take you from couch to C-suite. Here we break down how you can trade up your stay-at-home sweats for sartorial essentials.


The Corporate Office

Tailored menswear has been synonymous with professionalism and trust for centuries, and even though offices have become increasingly casual places, a suit still plays a significant role in your wardrobe. Understanding your shape and body contour is key.

Van Heusen offer three fits, so you can get the best fit straight off the rack. Tall men should opt for tapered cuts and look for a good fit in the shoulders; our Tailored fit is your go-to. Make sure your pants break cleanly and don't balloon over your shoes. If you're short, look at vertical lines to add the illusion of height. If you're on the more oval side, go for wider legged pants and veer away from anything that draws the eyes to your middle; our Classic fit has been designed for you. Wanting to show off your contemporary flare? Opt for our Slim fit, designed for those who like a snug modern suit.

Remote Working

If you’re continuing to work remotely, there are myriad of ways to inject some style into an at-home wardrobe that doesn’t compromise style or comfort. Cotton chinos offer a mix of both. Opt for cotton to ensure your legs can breathe, and inject some personality by going for slim or cropped options. Pair with a single coloured long sleeve business shirt, and layer with a herringbone or twill blazer for some structure and texture.

The key to nailing casual business style is choosing fabrics that stretch and breathe, and individual items that can be mixed and matched.

Doing business in 2022 will require some flex, so it stands to reason that your wardrobe will too.