Finding a partner has never been easier.

But one thing your dating app is not going to tell you is how to choose an outfit that will turn a first date into a second one – and maybe even something serious.

To make sure you look the part, we walk you through what you need to know to nail your look for a first date, meeting their parents and – if you’re lucky – that big day, too.



Congrats, you’ve matched! That’s the easy part. Now time to nail first-date style.

In fact, it’s all about finding a balance between showing you’ve made an effort and choosing an outfit that lets you feel comfortable enough to be yourself.

After all, this isn’t a costume party – you want a look that shows your own personality. That’s what they’re going to fall in love with.

A classic suit is a great place to start, but rather than looking too formal in black or dark grey, a lighter shade of blue or something with a check or stripe is a nice way to show a sense of style.

Then, ditch the tie and undo a couple of shirt buttons (two or three is plenty – you’re not on Love Island), and go for either classic Derbies or Brogues in black or brown.

Then with a bit of luck, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is where to go for that second outing.



They say public speaking is most people’s number-one fear.

But a close second must surely be meeting your partner’s parents for the first time – so the last thing you need to worry about is whether your outfit is on point.

Here, it pays to be on the more conservative side of dressing. A classic, formal suit in dark grey or navy is a safe bet.

Avoid black because you don’t want to look like you’re heading to a funeral – even if you feel like you are.

It’s also the wrong time to try out that novelty tie you were given for your birthday.

Instead, go for a either a simple pattern or a plain colour that contrasts with your shirt. Your shoes should be smart, freshly polished lace-ups, and it’s probably best to give the sock-free look a miss here, just in case they’re old-school.

The only other thing to remember is to add pocket square and avoid mentioning politics, religion – and that time you had a few too many drinks at the Christmas party.



Nicely played. Not that you’ve finally met The One, it’s time to make things official.

While some weddings have flexible dress codes, it never hurts to go for a full black-tie affair. After all, how many times do you get to wear a sharp tux?

There are all different styles of tuxedo these days, but the two key varieties are the peak-lapel (whether the lapels finish with a point) and the shawl-collar tuxedo (where the lapels form a smooth curve from the neck to the buttons).

Either one is fine, but just be sure yours is fitted at the waist, cuffs and shoulders. Go for a tailored, formal tuxedo shirt, and add some cuff-links for a stylish touch.

Your trousers should finish with one ‘break’ above your shoes and be sure you’re walking down the aisle in patent leather shoes. Sharp, sophisticated, stylish – no wonder they said yes.

Need guidance on how to master a Black Tie event? Look no further than our blog with Stylist Jeff Lack, on 4 Ways To Wear A Tux.