Move Performance: Future Fit Stretch Technology

Move Performance transcends the ordinary suit line. It represents a revolution in menswear, meticulously crafted to accommodate the demands of your dynamic lifestyle. Our ground-breaking Move Performance Technology combines strategically placed stretch panels in shoulder zones of blazers and the waistbands of trousers. This innovative technology provides unmatched arm and shoulder movement in jackets and optimizes fit and comfort in trousers.

Whether you're retrieving a file from a high shelf, confidently navigating a business lunch, enjoying a casual lunch or an evening out, Move Performance empowers you to move with ease and unwavering self-assurance.

The Move Performance collection extends far beyond the confines of the boardroom, offering a diverse array of pieces to complement your unique style. From easy-care, crease-resistant Sharkskin Performance Suits to luxurious Australian Wool Blend options, you'll discover the perfect suit for both professional settings and the colder months.

The versatility of Move Performance technology encompasses our range of comfortable, lightweight Blazers; effortlessly elevating your everday look with style and comfort. Also crease-resistant and low maintenance, these blazers seamlessly transition from work to weekend wear and beyond, adapting to any event with ease.

Move with confidence. Move with Van Heusen Move Performance.