Van Heusen is proud to announce that this holiday season we are supporting our long time partner, Thread Together, to protect the planet and the people within it by collecting brand new, unsold clothing from all around the country and distributing it with dignity to people in need, saving it from landfill.

Make a donation to Thread Together today by rounding up your sale at the checkout. It only takes $5 for Thread Together to clothe a person in need.

About Thread Together:

Thread Together was founded in 2012, based on the simple idea to donate rather than dispose of unsold clothing. Founder, Andie Halas, saw the potential for unsold new clothing to be given to people in need, whilst also protecting the environment by saving these items from landfill. Today, Thread Together clothes thousands of people across the country every week. To achieve this, they partner with hundreds of fashion brands, a network of charities & social service agencies, and thousands of volunteers.

They are unique in that Thread together keeps clothing in circulation and are recognised by the Fashion Industry as the most ethical solution to fashion excess.

Learn more at https://threadtogether.org/about/