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Classic Relaxed Fit

Your favourite shirt in a traditional classic fit

When you think of relaxed business shirts, perhaps you envision oversized and baggy business attire that was considered ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ in the early ‘90s. It was normal to wear baggy suits and shirts to the point you needed to keep tugging at the fabric. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then with classic fit shirts.

With Van Heusen’s extensive history of creating innovative and effortlessly sleek and modern men’s relaxed fit shirts, we’ve entered the age of modern fashion where men can look sophisticated and feel comfortable without tugging at the seams.

The new age of relaxed fit business shirts
The latest fashion trends for men are seeing a more relaxed and casual aesthetic, especially when working in the corporate and tech space. Despite this, men are still taking risks with their fashion choices, and why not? The new age of fashion has allowed men to wear sleek and sophisticated attire for any occasion.

From Van Heusen’s humble beginnings spanning over 130 years, we’ve evolved and expanded globally to create a variety of business shirts, from slim fit to your classic relaxed fit. Our reputation of generating stylish and high-quality menswear has led our customers to look and feel their very best.

Your one-stop shop for ethically sourced men’s clothing
Van Heusen is not only fashionable but operates ethically as well. Our customers not only look good but feel good knowing their products have been resourced and produced in conjunction with the human rights movement where all factories manufacturing any of our products must comply with a strict code of audited conditions.

Experience how our business shirts will transform your look from the ‘90s oversized and baggy style to a more modern, sleek and fashion-forward aesthetic. Feel relaxed and shop online at Van Heusen to find a relaxed fit business shirt that’s perfect for you. Enjoy free shipping on all Australian orders over $100, and if you have any questions about our relaxed business shirts, check out our FAQs or get in touch today.

Euro Tailored Fit
Euro Tailored Fit

Your favourite shirt in a tailored cut

Finding quality men’s business shirts shouldn’t be a dull experience. Looking and feeling great with tailored business shirts is achievable with Van Heusen’s extensive range.

With more than 130 years of experience, we believe that clothes make the man. Not only should men’s tailored shirts fit perfectly, but they should add style, sophistication and a touch of finesse to your look. Whether it’s for a work meeting, a family daytime function or even for business travel, selecting the right fit leaves a lasting impression.

This isn’t to say that a mens shirt can’t take on a more casual vibe in the right context either; at Van Heusen we’re also committed to casual styles like chinos, shorts and casual suits, to ensure that you’ve got the entire wardrobe you need for any occasion.

Sleek and stylish tailored business shirts
When it comes to selecting the right tailored business shirt, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and how it suits your body. If we compare our slim fit shirt with our tailored fit shirt, the difference lies in the silhouette and how the fabric follows the shape of the body.

The slim fit is our most contemporary true slim silhouette, which makes it perfect for those who like their shirts snug and close to the skin. As for our tailored fit, this shirt creates a flattering sleek silhouette that slightly tapers down through the waist and emphasises the chest.

You could even opt for our classic fit business shirts, which are more versatile with a broad fitting that is quite generous through the shoulders, chest and waist. With the right colour and selection of fit, your tailored shirt will compliment your silhouette and feel like a second skin.

The modern difference
Style is about more than looking great; it’s about staying ahead of the curve.

Van Heusen has built a reputation for stylish, high-quality shirts and leading modern Australian men into wearing innovative pieces. Van Heusen creates classic tailored business shirts using quality fabrics. Shop our range of men’s tailored fit shirts online today and enjoy free shipping on all Australian orders over $100. If you have any questions about our tailored business shirts, check out our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly team. .

Casual Shirts
Casual Shirts
Men’s chinos and shorts for the summer.

Perfect for smart events, casual occasions and even those in-between smart casual dress codes, men’s chinos and shorts are a wardrobe staple. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style and comfort, look no further than Van Heusen’s collection of men’s chinos and shorts in Australia.

Since our inception in 1919, Van Heusen has been known for our innovative styles, high-quality fabrics and top of the range clothing for sharp styling. We believe that every suit, business shirt, casual top and pair of chinos should be tailored to suit the life of the modern man — and this includes our range of chinos and shorts.

Finding the perfect fit
While the design and colour of a garment may be what catches your eye, it’s the tailoring of the fit that makes the man. Choosing the right fit for you comes down to your unique body shape and preferences. Our regular fit men’s chinos are designed for comfort yet look smart enough to be worn to work — with room through the thigh and slight tapering from the knee to the ankle. The slim fit, on the other hand, is slightly more snug but still allows complete freedom of movement. Whether you choose a regular or slim pair of men’s chinos and shorts from our range, you can be assured of ultimate comfort and the best fit.

Buy men’s chinos and shorts from Van Heusen
Perfect for taking you from a casual gathering to date night, a summertime wedding and beyond, invest in a pair of well-tailored men’s chinos and shorts online from our collection. To complete your look, pair your new men’s chinos shorts and full-length trousers with a soft, casual shirts or a lightweight cotton t-shirts. Browse our entire range online today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100 across Australia.

Business Shirts
Business Shirts
A basic shirt is a staple in every man's wardrobe.

At Van Heusen, we’ve brought style and elegance to men’s wardrobes for over 130 years. Our legacy continues today — in no small part thanks to our sophisticated range of men's business casual shirts. Add sharpness, professionalism and style to your outfit without looking stuffy in Van Heusen’s collared business shirts. For timeless quality, there’s only one place you need to go to find great office shirts for your everyday workwear.

Whether you’re attending a job interview or an important meeting with clients, our men’s business shirts are soon to be the sleekest, most sophisticated pieces you own. Seamlessly complementing our range of tailored business trousers, our business shirts strike the perfect balance between refined style and unmatched comfort, allowing you to exude an air of professionalism from 9 to 5.

From crisp white and grey business shirts for men you can pair with beige chinos and a smart-casual blazer, Van Heusen is renowned for delivering tailored, contemporary-style business attire for the modern man who prioritises comfort, quality and exceptional style.

Creating the ideal 9 to 5 ensemble with Van Heusen’s business shirts

From the boardroom to business lunches, it’s no secret that men are expected to maintain a polished, professional and presentable appearance in a work setting. When it comes to creating a polished ensemble that complements your professional image, you can mix and match the following pieces:

  • Business shirts — Whether it’s a monochrome silhouette or a striped blue and white men’s business shirt, choose a well-fitted, button-down silhouette made from high-quality cotton or linen — both of these fabrics maintain their comfort, functionality and breathability, so they’re ideal for year-round wear.

  • Tailored trousers — Whether chinos or trousers, classic or slim fit, look for a pair of pants in a neutral or monochrome colourway that complements your business shirt and its overall pattern.

  • Blazers or Sports Jackets — Add a layer of sophistication with a tailored blazer or sports coat in a classic shade like navy, black or charcoal.

  • Footwear and accessories — For office settings, invest in a pair of leather lace-up shoes or boots that complement your business shirt and trousers. As for accessories, consider investing in a leather belt that pairs well with your chosen footwear.

Elevate your wardrobe with our business shirts

Whether you’re putting together a number of staple outfits to wear to the office or building your smart-casual wardrobe, you’ll find versatility in our range of button-up business shirts for men. From delicate lilac and pale blue geometric prints to striking red, green and navy two-colour checks, our selection of office and men’s business shirts encourages you to incorporate a pop of colour to your formal and workwear.

A men's shirt for every occasion

Along with our structured men’s business shirts, we supply an array of men’s shirts in tailored and relaxed-fitting designs. For a long Sunday lunch, our Classic fit men’s shirts offer breathable comfort. You can add sharpness to a formal look with the structured design of our Tailored fit office shirts or flatter your build with our slim fit range. The slim design incorporates the use of tapering to emphasise your chest area, perfect for a first date.

Buy business shirts online

With convenient nationwide shipping on Australian orders over $100 and an expansive range of great men’s casual and formalwear, Van Heusen should be your first stop for quality business shirts for men in Australia. Explore our business shirts online today to expand the sophistication of your wardrobe, or get in touch with our friendly staff for great styling advice.

Looking for more refined styles to round out your 9 to 5 wardrobe? Explore our men’s suits collection to find tailored and formal layering pieces you can team with your new collection of men’s business shirts.

Need help with curating the perfect look? Review our comprehensive guide to styling business attire to see what pieces match before creating an ensemble that speaks volumes about your sophistication.

Formal Shirts
Formal Shirts
We've got you covered for your upcoming formal events.

Shop Men’s Formal Shirts that can take you to the next level of style.

Are you searching for Formal Shirts Online? Van Heusen offers an impressive selection of traditional and modern Formal Shirts for men at a great price point. From white dinner shirts and classic tuxedo shirts to business shirts and French-inspired items, we have something for every formal occasion. At Van Heusen, our Formal Shirts are designed to bring style and sophistication to modern-day Australia.

The perfect fit
Formal fashion is all the fit, from the way the collar frames your face to the shape of the cuffs, pockets, and buttons. Whatever style you're looking for, we've got you covered for your upcoming formal events. Our designs are made to look great, feel comfortable, and stand the test of time. You can Buy Formal Shirts Online? in a range of fits, including classic relaxed fit, Euro tailored fit, and slim fit with French cuff and wing collar variants. Our Formal Shirts look great in any setting, from the boardroom to the ballroom and beyond.

Styles and options
From formal tuxedo shirts to men's dinner and business shirts, our formal shirts combine sophistication with functionality. The smallest details on a formal shirt can change the impact, from the size and style of the cuffs to the shape of the collar and the pocket details. While all formal shirts are white, there may be subtle variations in colouration and texture due to the design and construction materials. At Van Heusen, we have a wide selection of Formal Shirtsto choose from in Australia, including slim fit dinner shirts, tailored shirts with herringbone French cuffs, and tuxedo shirts with wing collars, among other variations. Our website range is fully featured, and you can filter options based on collar size, sleeve size, cuff type, fit, colour pattern, and material, among other options. If you're looking toBuy Formal Shirts Online? at a great price point, you've come to the right place. Please search our catalogue, review our FAQ page, or Contact our friendly team.


A crisp white shirt is the ultimate wardrobe staple.