The Brand

The number-one selling business shirt brand in the world, Van Heusen has been associated with stylish, affordable and high quality shirts since the introduction of the revolutionary patented soft-folding collar in 1921.

Today, the Van Heusen range has grown to include suits, business accessories, casual wear, and women's businesswear.

Van Heusen focuses on fit, fabric, finish and fashion, ensuring superior quality and comfort for our customers.

Van Heusen’s innovations in business apparel include:

  • Van Heusen Move – a range of suits and shirts that gives unrivalled flexibility and freedom of movement. In Van Heusen Move suit jackets, pure wool is blended with a hint of elastane and combined with super stretch panels in the shoulder for unmatched arm and shoulder movement. Van Heusen Move trousers feature innovative waistband design that moves in line with the body for optimum fit and comfort. To complement the suit jacket and trouser, Van Heusen Move shirts blend premium cotton with spandex for all-over flexibility.
  • Van Heusen Evercool – a suit and shirt that keeps you cool under pressure. Designed for the Australian climate, Van Heusen Evercool employs coldblack® technology to reflect heat from dark suit fabric. For shirts, Coolmax® light yarn (typically used in sportswear) draws moisture away from the body
  • Van Heusen Performa – a crush resistant/stain resistant/ 100% breathable suit, achieved with a combination of cutting-edge Nano-Technology and high-twist yarn
  • BustFit® Technology – a women's tailored shirt customised by cup size to prevent gaping at the bust (unlike traditional button shirts)

Van Heusen is proud to offer the largest range of collar and sleeve length combinations in the Australasian market.

The History

The Van Heusen story began in 1881 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where Moses Phillips & son Isaac began selling shirts, hand-sewn by Moses' wife Endel and their daughters, to the local coal miners. Quickly achieving success, Moses expanded the operation to New York City.

Almost 30 years on, in 1919, Dutch immigrant John Manning van Heusen was granted a patent for a new process he created that fused cloth on a curve, creating a comfortable soft-folding collar that retained the stiff-collar look of the era.

In New York, van Heusen met with Isaac Phillips, who bought the U.S. patent for van Heusen's revolutionary soft-folding collar, and the Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH) alliance was born.

From the 1930s, Van Heusen shirts were imported to Australia from England in small quantities, and a manufacturing plant was established in Melbourne in the mid 1960s to meet the growing demand for the brand in Australia.

In 1976, Gazal Corporation Limited acquired the license from PVH Corp. to manufacture and manage the Van Heusen brand in Australia and in 2014 the PVH Brands Australia Pty Ltd joint venture was formed between Gazal Corporation Limited and PVH Corp. following a long and successful relationship between Gazal – one of the largest ASX-listed apparel suppliers in Australasia – and PVH Corp., one of the world’s largest apparel companies. The partnership leverages PVH Corp.’s global strength in the apparel industry, and Gazal’s expertise in the Australasian region.

The Van Heusen brand is now also importantly linked to the international human rights movement and all factories manufacturing any of our products must comply with a strict code of audited conditions. These encompass amongst other issues, minimum wages, hours of work, freedom of association, non-discrimination, no forced or child labour, health and safety standards plus environmental conditions.